New Fountain Shelter Pop Up Donation

Academic Service Design Project designed with Jayme Fulton and Owen Castanier.
Project Overview
How might we connect people who no longer want their old clothing, to people who could greatly benefit from them within a community space?

When focusing our research on a Downtown Eastside shelter called New Fountain, we found that there is a high need for clothing, and a lack of items being donated. We decided to take on the challenge of designing a new way to donate within a public setting, while connecting customers to local shelter's and their needs.
My Contributions
Collaboration in the ideation, research and execution for a cohesive service.

Website and poster design

*Design and layout are to be revised as new techniques, styles and design have been learned ever since this project was made.

NFS Pop Up Donation
Service Design
January 2019— April 2019

We decided to each of the group members could explore a different area on the donation process around the Vancouver area.We shared past experiences, interviews with staff and customers.

For our initial problem space exploration we started discussing about how people get rid of their clothes. We wanted to approach a conscious service design that helped users either to get rid of clothes on an environmentally friendly way or to get rid of clothes that could potentially help someone in need.

After the research we did we all agreed that all of the thrift stores and services out there who help users get rid of their clothes, they are currently working on a very straightforward way that is effective. However there is some space to work with in that area if we focus on the fact of how fast the profits and help get to people in need.

After discussing all the possible services we agreed that as per Jamie’s research The New Fountain Shelter is the one that needs the most help as it doesn’t really have a successful service for users to drop off their clothes and donate easily.

The New Fountain Shelter located at 356 East Hastings St. Vancouver BC V6A 1P4

Why did we choose to design a service for NFS?

1. They don’t have a donation service per se, donors need to call the shelter when they are at the door in order for them to pick up the clothes.

2. People do not donate any items, according to a worker from the shelter, people tend to be scared of the surroundings on which the shelter is (East Hastings).

3. The recipients of the donations are homeless people who suffer from the consequences of drugs and who are struggling to get on their feet while at the same time struggling with Vancouver’s cold weather.

Main Touchpoints

Why a coffee shop? We agreed on a coffee shop since it is a place that is transited by several people, and since the idea of the pop up station is to have people bring specific objects i.e. socks, hats, scarves. So users are able to inform themselves at the coffee shop and then come back with a few items to donate.

Why having an incentive? Part of the reason on why we decided to do it at a coffee shop was to create an alliance with the coffee shop in order to motivate users to donate and to share the warmth with those in need.

Why is it only just a few items? The whole idea about having just a few items is that we would focus on an immediate need that the shelter has for a certain season of the year.

Future State Blueprint


Concept Video: Final touchpoints