Exlusion Game

Critical Design/ Healthcare Design/Game Design
Project Overview
The vision for this project is to inform users through an interactive way about sensitizing material around disabilities, impairments and conditions.
There are 4 levels, each has different challenges that depict what a person might go through on their day to day lives.
The process
January 2020- March 2020
At the beginning of this project I wanted to create an educational platform on which users could inform themselves on disabilities/impediments/conditions.
My intention rooted from several interviews I conducted, I asked some participants to tell me stories and experiences regarding their day to day lives either living with a person with a condition or being one.
All of these interviews and stories shared one thing: there were some interactions on their day to day lives that were lacking empathy and lacking information regarding how these individuals should be treated.

After some ideation, discussion and interviews I decided to take a different approach and design something to create exclusion for users in order to start a conversation around sensitizing material and educate them on new concepts while triggering (hopefully) empathy.

The goal is to get the dot to the finish line

Move the dot with the arrow keys and jump with the space bar.


Test Level
Level One: Awareness for Attention Deficit Challenges such as pop up ads and unexpected movements while navigating the platform
Level Two: Visual ImpairmentWhile listening to instructions through the speakers get the dot to the finish line
Level Three: Awareness for the Autism spectrumEvery time the dot gets close to the corners it will make a high pitch noise

Test and Prototype

The participants were asked to complete a series of activities that were meant to compromise one of their abilities:visual, hearing and attention to an object.

With their eyes closed they had to create a shape by touching the fuzzy balls on the squares.
While watching a screen they had to form a shape without looking at their hands.
While having headphones on they should separate the bells that have a sound to the ones that don’t.






Ligia Oviedo Gasparico
Special Psychopedagogy
Writer “Intercultural wealth in the field of Special Pedagogy” 2019.
Consultant for the ministry of health in Guatemala and UNICEF in“Process of Formation and Training on Child Psychology andPsychological Interview directed to the Personnel of Psychology”2017
Programs used

Adobe XD
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Encoder
Adobe Illustrator