Service Design
Project Overview
For the post-pandemic approach, I wanted to tackle the different methods on which we cope with the pandemic. I find that a big part of our mental wellbeing in this situation comes from the things we do in our new routines and our immediate surroundings.
Why Enliven?
The meaning of enliven is: to make vigorous or active; invigorate; to make sprightly or cheerful; brighten.

The idea of Enliven roots from the overwhelming shock of living with a pandemic, and having our worlds turn upside down.
I wanted to create something that would allow anyone to feel part of something, to be able to share and connect in this not so wholesome times.
Enliven is a space created to share and express ourselves - any form, all ages.We want to give you a voice and a space on which you can share informal creations that tell a story, your story. In any medium.

Our goal is to create an even more supportive community while we go through the COVID-19 pandemic.
June 2020— July 2020



Mind-mapping of an assumption of what the user's pains and gains are regarding their support systems.

Mind Mapping and brainstorming of what a supportive community feels like/looks like.



As shown in the storyboard, the user starts their journey by walking around the neighborhood when they notice the Enliven poster. As they read and scan the poster, they will later be redirected to the Enliven website.

As they browse around the website they feel inspired and decide to add a piece to the community art space.

They later share their work and connect to other neighbors.

Final Video: Website