Project Overview
Descant is an application on which users who have a speech impediment practice strategies and skills to hopefully diminish or help with stuttering.
[ noun, adjective des-kant; verb des-kant, dis- ]
A melody or counterpoint accompanying a simple musical theme and usually written above it.
When designing this project, the goal and vision was to create a platform that would assist an individual who has a stuttering condition. The idea rooted from the discomfort a really close friend of mine experiences living with a stuttering condition.
I wanted to create something that users can turn to when they are feeling distressed, or when they are about to do an important meeting or engage in an important talk or conversation.

Descant tackles three areas:
1. A repetition platform: On this platform they will vocalize vowels and words that
they might struggle with. This therapy exercises speech abilities and by repeating certain vowels and sounds they can potentially start to familiarize with the construction of a word.

2. An echo platform: On this platform they will find a delayed auditory feedback
that requires to slow down speech or the speech will sound distorted.  Also know as a mirror talk, this therapy is a great tool to help reduce stuttering.

3. A mindfulness platform: This platform is envisioned to aid in any stressful
situation that might trigger your stuttering. In here you will find meditations and guided breathing exercises that will be an aid to ease your emotions.

During the ideation and process of Descant I wanted to be clear that Descant does not aim to cure or be replaced with a therapy approach. Descant aims to be a source of help, alleviate stress and to be a source of aid.

Prototyping class
September 2019-December 2019

Research and Ideation

It was important to create content that was relevant and helpful for the user, researching what therapies and the different approaches that people lean into go from holistic to devices and technology. In depth research was made to understand each of the therapies used that have been proven to alleviate stress and improve pronunciation.

Wireframes Sketches