Game Design/Healthcare Design/UX
Project Overview
Quadra aims to reinforce core knowledge around communication in the context of consent. The idea of Quadra rooted from the need of transforming knowledge that is usually delivered in a textbook into something interactive and engaging for users, in order to provide an experience that creates a wow moment.
By having this wow moment through active play it is more likely for the user to remember the experience and therefore remember the core values of the game.
Why Quadra?
Knowing boundaries and when and how to respect them creates a more conscious interaction in between people. Practicing consent involves a lot of core knowledge around communication, checking with a partner, being informed at all times and listening to the partners needs and concerns. Quadra was designed to be of an aid either in a classroom, family or among a friends setting to start a conversation and create awareness around the subject in an interactive format
I took the decision of transforming a potential physical object/toy into a digital platform in order to achieve what has been described above, making Quadra a game on which everyone can play, start the conversation going, reinforce the concepts of communication in consent by providing certain challenges and tasks that trigger the dynamic of communication in a context of consent. I designed it so that two players are involved, each of them from the safety of their own computer but having them connect through voice which adds the human factor to the whole interaction. So, I tried to take the most intriguing approach and lead the user into an experience of making them feel confused, to then realizing the actions and dynamic that were happening.
September 2020- April 2021


To engage users into an experience that leads them towards awareness of the importance of communication in consent.


Starting the conversation around consent in an interactive way that sparks


Knowing boundaries and when and how to respect them creates a
more conscious interaction in between people.
Consent means actively agreeing to participate; allowing and  giving permission.

The goal is to introduce basic concepts of what communication in consent means
in a scenario where it is clear the frustration and how potentially dangerous, confusing or even
misunderstanding giving permission and allowing can be and how impactful this is when sharing a
relationship of any kind, it aims to allow the user to incorporate and practice empathy during
communicating consent.



Starting the conversation around
consent in an interactive way that sparks

Get through the maze by following the guidance
of the opponent


PLAYER ONE: Is the player who guides the
navigator through the labyrinth through
a set of 13 instructions that are given
at the beginning of the game.

Is the player who is being
guided through the maze.
This player has a different view/perspective
of the labyrinth

The commands of the game require both players to have a set of headphones with a microphone.
And the arrow keys for the player who is navigating the labyrinth.


Player one, which is the user who guides the other player through the maze will have a set of 13 instructions that will be provided at the beginning of the game.
These instructions are predetermined by the design of the labyrinth.
This player will have the perspective of the labyrinth as if they are looking at it from above, they can see the other players movements and location.
However, they are not able to see the obstacles that they go through inside the labyrinth.

Be guided

The player who is inside the labyrinth will encounter a messy, dark and confusing labyrinth. This player will have instructions via audio by their partner, however the instructions are not clear due to the voice distortion. This player will have to encounter the situation on which they will have to ask again and check with their partner if they are heading in the right direction. At some point both players will discover discrepancies on the instructions as the both have a different perspective of their reality inside the labyrinth.

The Challenge

When player one provides the instructions and as the game progresses the voice commands will be disturbed.

The instructions will be:
DELAYED: Enforcing to wait and check again with the partner.
CUT OFF: Enforcing that the communication needs to be clear
ANOTHER VOICE(COMPUTER GENERATED)WILL INTERFERE: Enforcing that no decisions should be influenced.

How will this be succesful?

Adding the right narrative and context toward the dynamic of the game is key for both players to understand their role in an informed consent situation.
Quadra mas designed with the idea that it will be incorporated in an educational setting, either a school, among friends or family/caretakers.
It is imperative that at the end of the game both players will get an assessment on how they were both communicating with one another in order to reach the goal; reaching the end of the labyrinth.